Oracle DB Performance Tuning 12c

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Course Duration: 30 Hours

Course Highlights:

  • Oracle Database Architecture
  • Performance Tuning Tools
  • Oracle Optimizer
  • SQL Tuning with Activities
  • Data Loading and Monitoring
  • AWR,ADDM,ASH Report Analysis
  • Database Storage Objects
  • Advisories
  • Instance / memory tuning
  • Best Architectural Practices

Required Prerequisites:

  • Knowledge of Oracle SQL and PL/SQL
  • Knowledge of Oracle Database 12c.

Target Audience:

  • Oracle DBA who to learn Oracle Database Performance Tuning in detail

Course Content

Section 1: Oracle Database Architecture

Memory Architecture

Physical Architecture

Logical Architecture

Installation of Oracle Database 12c on OEL

Section 2: Performance Tunning Tools

Explain plan of SQL statements

Tracing SQL execution

tkprof for trace analysis


V$ dynamic performance views


AWR, ADDM and ASH reports

SQL tuning advisor and baselines

Section 3: Oracle Optimizer

Basics of Optimizer

Understanding behaviour

Histograms and Bind Peeking

Access paths

Interpreting JOINS

Optimizer statistics


Manage Optimizer

Section 4: SQL Tuning Activity - 1

Possible SQL issues

SQL Tuning methods and Tools

Pro-active SQL Tuning

Reactive SQL Tuning

Section 5: SQL Tuning Activity - 2

SQL tuning examples (Continue)

Creating SQL tuning sets and baselines

Tuning JOINS

Sorting and Grouping activities

PL/SQL tuning notes

Parallelism in SQL

Section 6: Data Loading and Monitoring


Preparing Environment

Load Data-1

Monitor using OEM & Alert log

Load Data-2

Monitor using V$ views

Section 7: AWR , ADDM , ASH Report Analysis

Generate AWR reports

Analysis & Problem Identification

Fixing Performance Issue

AWR reports and baselines

ADDM reports

ASH report

Section 8 : Database Storage Objects

Storage options

Oracle Partitioning

Partitioning Examples

Indexes Overview

B-Tree Indexes & Examples

BitMap Indexes & Examples

Index Organized Tables & Examples

Section 9 : Advisories

BAD SQL tracing & Analysis

SQL tuning Advisor

STS (SQL Tuning Set) with SQL tuning advisor

SQL Access advisor

Implementing SQL Plan management

Fragmentation and Data distribution

Section 10 : Instance / Memory Tuning

Shared pool tuning – Latch/Mutex, Library cache, Cursors

Shared pool tuning – Parses, Result cache, Data dictionary

Buffer cache tuning

PGA tuning and Sort area

Automatic memory management ( AMM ) – Concepts

Real time Activity – PGA Tuning

Section 11: Best Architectural Practices

Important parameters

Storage considerations

Memory size planning

High Availability – Best practices


Top WAIT Events

Application analysis

Pro-active monitoring approach

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