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Course Duration: 30 Hours

Course Highlights:

  • GoldenGate 12c Architecture
  • Setting of up linux server and installation of Oracle DB 12c
  • Install GoldenGate 12c
  • Oracle to Oracle configuration basics
  • Extract data
  • Replicate data
  • Trail Files
  • Initial load
  • Data and configurations
  • Bi-Directional Replication Configuration

Required Prerequisites:

  • Knowledge of Oracle Database 11g / 12c

Target Audience:

  • Oracle DBA who wants to learn Oracle GoldenGate

Course Content

Section 1: Goldengate 12c Architecture

GG Components

Architecture Basics




Role Of Datapump In GG

Integrated Extract

Data Load

Section 2: Setting Of Up Linux Server And Installation Of Oracle DB 12c

Install Oracle Enterprise Linux Servers

Install Oracle 12c Database Software

Setup Goldengate OS Add-On

Clone Linux Servers

Configure Oracle Databases

Goldengate Use Cases

Section 3: Install GoldenGate 12c

Supported DB’s

OS Combinations

Software And OS Requirements

Installation – OUI


New In 12c GG

Section 4: Oracle To Oracle Configuration Basics

Steps To Configure

Preparing Environment – Character Set

Configure User – Oracle Database

Network Diagnostics

Preparing Environment – Supplemental Logging

Configuring Manager

Section 5: Extract Data

Change Capture

Datapump Options

Process Groups

Configure Wallet

Integrated Capture

Extract Trails

Start Extract

Section 6: Replicate Data

Change Delivery Basics

CDD Activities

Treat Collisions

Integrated Apply


Reports & Diagnostics de33

Section 7: Trail Files

Extract Trails And Files




Logging Trails

Reverse Utility

Section 8: Replication With Initial Load

Initial Load

Kick Start Load



File Based Loading

Direct Load

Section 9: Data And Configurations

GLOBAL & Manager Parameters

Extract & Replicat Parameters

Data Selection: WHERE, FILTER

Data Mapping: Columns


SQLEXEC Functionalities

Functions Specific To Goldengate

Section 10: Other Considerations In GG

Macros & Tokens

User Exits & Sequences

Batchsql In GG

Data Compression In GG

Daa Encryption & Events

Section 11: Bi-Directional Replication Configuration ( Active - Active )


Data Loopings

CDR ( Conflict Detection And Resolution )

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