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Oracle RAC 19c

40 hours

  • Oracle RAC 19c Architecture
  • Installation of Oracle RAC 19c
  • ASM

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Oracle SQL Tuning 19c

30 hours

  • Query Optimizer
  • Execution Plan , Statistics
  • Cursor Sharing , SQL Tuning Sets
  • SQL Tuning Advisor , Indexes , Hints

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Oracle GoldenGate 19c

30 hours

  • GoldenGate Architecture
  • Installation of GoldenGate
  • Oracle to Oracle GG Replication
  • Bi-Directional Replication

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Microsoft SQL DBA

50 hours

  • Installation and Configuration
  • SQL Server 2017 Basic
  • Backups , Restore and Recovery
  • SQL Server Security

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  • Great instructor, I highly recommend you to take Oracle 12c RAC class with DBA Trainer. The Training covers each and every topic in depth with real time scenario.

    Dipika Panchal

    Attended Oracle RAC 12c , Ahmedabad-India

  • Great learning with It was very helpful session since initial chapter to upgrade from 12c to 19c.I am very much thankful to trainer who give lots of efforts for each and every topics.Definitely it was very much helpful for interview and real life perspectives.

    Nainesh Patel

    Attended Oracle RAC 12c , Bengaluru – India

  • Excellent training provided. Oracle advanced topics covered in depth. I am very happy to have taken Oracle 12c RAC and Golden gate training at DBA Trainer. Course material covers all important topics and is very easy to understand. Great job by Parth.


    Attended Oracle GoldenGate 12c, USA

  • He provide depth knowledge with good practical example so it becomes very easier to understand the concept.His videos helpful whenever you want to check later if you requires.He always available even after session.I would suggest for those who want make career in DBA and even for experience fellow. Thank you


    Attended Oracle GoldenGate 12c, Mumbai – India

  • I enjoyed taking this course with Parth.
    You can tell that Parth is knowledgeable about the subject and enjoys teaching the course. I plan to take another course with him. I will gladly refer others who are interested in the courses offered to him.


    Attended Oracle GoldenGate 12c, Texas – USA

  • He is a very thorough trainer. I learnt alot about Oracle 12c. He answers your questions and takes his time to explain any confusion. I wish though he can break it down by using very simple examples so that a novice like myself coming into information technology will find it easier to understand. He is very knowledgeable about the material and obviously has many years of experience.

    Winifred .E

    Attended Oracle SQL and PL/SQL, Houston, USA

  • Parth was a patient tutor he was willing to explain or go back to any difficult to understand aspect of the course when requested. He is very detailed and you can tell he also enjoys teaching the course. As a beginner who has never done anything in IT, he made me understand Oracle SQL. I plan to take another class with him soon because he really cares about his student’s success, and he is available for any further questions after the training has ended. Overall it was a good training.

    Thank you Parth. I will recommend him to others who want this training.


    Attended Oracle SQL and PL/SQL. Houston, USA

  • If you want start your career in DBA field, I must say take your training with DBA Trainer. They are the best at providing the knowledge and guidance needed to be successful in real world. Parth, is the best tutor I personally ever had for Oracle DBA. His explanation is very clear and easy to understand and follow. He is very patient and takes his time in explaining and does not rush you in the process just to move on the next topic. I highly recommend Parth, for your online DBA training.


    Attended Oracle DBA 11g, New Jersey – USA

  • I would strongly recommend anyone who want to learn Oracle RAC or Dataguard to follow the course of Parth. He is an outstanding trainer with good mastery of the topics.He is very reliable person .He provides all video and documents and he don’t let you alone after training. He still remains your helper incase you have issues. Follow his course and your spending will be worth it.

    Cleves Kome

    Attended Oracle RAC 11g & Oracle Dataguard 11g, Belgium

  • Teacher is very detailed in his training, he ensures we understand every topic covered in the training other wise he won’t proceed until we are clear. He is very patient and knowledgeable. I took a PL/SQL training and performance tuning training with Parth and i am glad i did.


    Attended Oracle Performance Tuning, North Carolina-USA

  • Very detailed and simplified. The tutor is highly patient, knowledgeable and breaks down the understanding  of Dataguard for easy assimilation. Very much recommended. Thank you so much. Great way to learn!


    Attended Oracle SQL & PL/SQL – USA

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