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Oracle RAC 19c

Oracle RAC 19c Architecture
Installation of Oracle RAC 19c

Oracle SQL Tuning 19c

Query Optimizer
Execution Plan , Statistics
Cursor Sharing , SQL Tuning Sets
SQL Tuning Advisor , Indexes , Hints

Oracle GoldenGate 19c

GoldenGate Architecture
Installation of GoldenGate
Oracle to Oracle GG Replication
Bi-Directional Replication

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Dipika Panchal

Oracle RAC 12c , Ahmedabad-India

“Great instructor, I highly recommend you to take Oracle 12c RAC class with DBA Trainer. The Training covers each and every topic in depth with real time scenario.”

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Great learning with It was very helpful session since initial chapter to upgrade from 12c to 19c.I am very much thankful to trainer who give lots of efforts for each and every topics.Definitely it was very much helpful for interview and real life perspectives.

Nainesh Patel – Oracle RAC 12c , Bengaluru – India

Excellent training provided. Oracle advanced topics covered in depth. I am very happy to have taken Oracle 12c RAC and Golden gate training at DBA Trainer. Course material covers all important topics and is very easy to understand. Great job.


 – Oracle GoldenGate 12c, USA