Oracle GoldenGate 19c

Course Duration: 30 Hours

Required Prerequisites

Target Audience

  • Oracle DBA who wants to learn Oracle GoldenGate

Course Highlights

  • GoldenGate Architecture
  • Setting of up linux server and installation of Oracle DB
  • Install GoldenGate 
  • Oracle to Oracle configuration basics
  • Extract data
  • Replicate data
  • Trail Files
  • Initial load
  • Data and configurations
  • Macros and Tokens
  • Bi-Directional Replication Configuration
  • DDL Replication
  • Microservice Architecture

Course Content

Section 1: Goldengate Architecture

GG Components

Architecture Basics




Role Of Datapump In GG

Integrated Extract

Data Load

Section 2: Setting Of Up Linux Server And Installation Of Oracle DB

Install Oracle Enterprise Linux Servers

Install Oracle Database Software

Setup Goldengate OS Add-On

Clone Linux Servers

Configure Oracle Databases

Goldengate Use Cases

Section 3: Install GoldenGate

Supported DB’s

OS Combinations

Software And OS Requirements

Installation – OUI


Section 4: Oracle To Oracle Configuration Basics

Steps To Configure

Preparing Environment – Character Set

Configure User – Oracle Database

Network Diagnostics

Preparing Environment – Supplemental Logging

Configuring Manager

Section 5: Extract Data

Change Capture

Datapump Options

Process Groups

Configure Wallet

Integrated Capture

Extract Trails

Start Extract

Section 6: Replicate Data

Change Delivery Basics

CDD Activities

Treat Collisions

Integrated Apply


Reports & Diagnostics

Section 7: Monitoring GoldenGate

What is GGSCI ?

Various GGSCI Command to Monitor Extract , Pump and Replicate Process 

Monitor Lag and Statistics

Section 8 : Trail Files

Extract Trails And Files




Logging Trails

Reverse Utility

Section 9: Replication With Initial Load

Initial Load

Kick Start Load



File Based Loading

Direct Load

Section 10: Data And Configurations

GLOBAL & Manager Parameters

Extract & Replicat Parameters

Data Selection: WHERE, FILTER

Data Mapping: Columns


SQLEXEC Functionalities

Functions Specific To Goldengate

Section 11: Other Considerations In GG

Macros & Tokens

User Exits & Sequences

Batchsql In GG

Data Compression In GG

Daa Encryption & Events

Section 12: Bi-Directional Replication Configuration ( Active – Active )


Data Loopings

CDR ( Conflict Detection And Resolution )

Section 13: DDL Replication

About DDL Replication

Things to consider before configuring DDL Replication

Configuring DDL Replication

Configure “Sequence Number” Replication

Section 14: GoldenGate New Features

GoldenGate Microservice Architecture

Format Release parameter

Trail File Difference

Automatic Heartbeat Table

Improved Trail File Recovery

Credential Store and Useridalias

Parallel Replicate


Procedural Replication to Enable simpler migrations and upgrades

Cross Endian Support For Remote Integrated Extract

Enhanced the Heartbeat table to Include details for restarting extract